Member Information


Rehearsals normally take place on Monday evenings starting at 7.15pm in the PEC at King Arthur's School, Wincanton.

At the musical director's discretion we occasionally have sectional rehearsals. You will be given plenty of notice to such changes.

To ensure that the musical director's instructions are remembered and acted upon, please bring a soft (B) pencil and rubber with which to annotate the music.
All marks must be erased before returning the music after each concert.

Please note., As well as attending as many rehearsals as possible members are reminded that they must attend the last three rehearsals prior to a concert (i.e. Monday, Friday and Sunday afternoon on the concert day) if they wish to sing in that concert.

Rehearsal Calendar 2017/2018

Download the calendar of rehearsal dates for the current term.


Download a PDF of our constitution.

Learning at home

To enable you to rehearse at home and thus be note and word perfect during rehearsals(!) you may find the following website links helpful: