Wincanton Choral Society Christmas Concert 2021

Where:  Wincanton Parish Church

(NB not the Sports Centre)

Date and time: Saturday 4th December, from 5.00pm to 6.00pm

Price: £5.00 and £2.50 for under-18s

We hope the new venue and time will enable you to take in a cafe or shop in Wincanton High Street, as many are open on Saturday afternoons. The concert will involve less effort on your part than dedicating a whole evening to the concert AND you should find something projected in bright lights on the exterior of the church as part of the Wincanton Town Festival  ( that will be happening every Saturday 5-9pm from 27th November to 18th December.

The main work in our short concert will be excerpts from Haydn’s The Seasons, sung in English: Joyful the Liquor Flows, the finale of Autumn; No.40 Let the Wheel move gaily, No.42 A wealthy lord who long had lov’d (both from Winter) and No.46 Then comes the dawn, the final stirring chorus, with a fugue, of Winter.

Festive numbers include O Holy Night (arranged by Adolphe Adam), Somerset Carol (‘traditional’ but harmonised), Gloucestershire Wassail (arranged marvellously by Vaughan Williams), plus other gorgeous carols, lullabies etc.

We think it is important that people considering attending our concert, or that have already bought tickets, should be aware of the measures we’re putting in place to diminish the risk of COVID-19 infection. This is to reassure you that we take your safety very seriously. We obviously must strike a balance between reassurance and intrusiveness, and realise that some will find the following OTT, obvious and repetitive. It details measures that apply to you, our audience, and further measures apply to the performers.

We can never remove the risk of COVID-19 infection, only diminish it. There are two lines of defence:

  • first to reduce the risk of an infected person attending in the first place,
  • second to reduce the risk of them infecting others at the event if they do.

To reduce the first risk:

  1. you should not attend if you, or anyone you live with, have any symptoms of COVID-19, even if you think it is ‘just’ flu or a cold.
  2. You should not attend if you need to self-isolate.
  3. Since vaccination does reduce your own infectiousness, we ask that you be prepared to present evidence of your vaccination status in the form of either

[a] a Covid Pass1 or

[b] your Vaccination Appointment Record Card2 or

[c] evidence of a negative Lateral Flow Test3 or PCR Test taken within the preceding 48 hours.

We will use a common-sense approach when checking your status. Your data will not be required nor stored by us; proof can simply be shown to a member of staff.

We will of course refund the ticket cost of anybody who develops COVID-19 symptoms shortly before the performance.

To reduce the second risk, you should adhere to the following COVID-19 safety measures we have put in place:

  1. You are encouraged to wear a face covering to reassure your fellow audience members, on entry and exit but this may be removed once seated.
  2. Holders of ticket nos. 1-75 should enter via North (Main) entrance to the church.  Holders of ticket nos. 76-150 should enter by South entrance to the church.
  3. Please leave at least a person’s space when sitting between audience groups.
  4. Please use the hand sanitiser provided.
  5. Please minimise social mingling inside the church and move to your chosen seat quickly.
  6. At the end of the concert please move smartly outside and enjoy the Illuminations projected on the exterior of the Church, which are part of the Wincanton Town Festival of Lights…and also:
  7. High-use surfaces will have been disinfected immediately before the concert.
  8. We are limiting audience numbers to 150, well below the 240-odd capacity of the church. Every row of pews can be used however, except the front two rows.
  9. Entry and exit: please use both the South and North Doors. If possible, tickets with numbers 1 to 75 to use the North Door (the main roadside entrance with porch), numbers 76-150 the South Door (the smaller one on churchyard side). This will prevent large queues forming.
  10. The concert will only be of an hour’s duration, with no interval, no refreshments on sale and no audience singing.
  11. The church is a large airy space, but ventilation will be maximised by keeping both doors open for two hours before the performance and during the concert. A COmeter will be in use throughout the day. This is the recommended way of verifying that there is an acceptable amount of ventilation in any enclosed space. At our rehearsals, we have been well within the Health & Safety Executive’s safe range.
  12. Concert programmes will be free, negating the need for money to change hands in the Church.

Track and Trace:

  • either scan the venue QR code prominently displayed on entry if you have the app,
  • or you are requested to ensure that we have your contact details or those of at least one person from your party. If you obtained your ticket through a WCS member they will know who you are! We will destroy these records after 21 days

General advice

  • WC facilities: go before you come! There are two ‘public conveniences’ run by South Somerset District Council in a small freestanding brick block at the junction of Churchfields and the High Street, beyond the top end of the churchyard.
  • Beware of the floor gratings in the church if you’re wearing narrow-heeled shoes!
  • Wrap up warm and consider bringing a cushion for the pews!

Retiring Collection

Our hats will be out as you leave the church should you feel moved to help keep WCS on a sound financial footing with an extra donation! 


1 the NHS COVID Pass on the NHS App (this is different to the NHS COVID-19 Test and Trace app). It is advised individuals apply no later than 48 hours before attending their event to allow for the application to be processed in time.

If you need help using the NHS App to gain your COVID Pass, please watch this helpful video:

We strongly advise that you take a photo of the valid QR code or bring a printout with you as poor connectivity on your smart phone may not permit the app to load.

2 the small vaccination record card given to you at the immunisation site.

3a negative Lateral Flow Test result (this can be an email or text confirming your result or a record of the result shown via the NHS app) which can be taken at home or at a recognised centre free of charge, within 48 hours of the event.

LFTs are easily obtainable for free and can be acquired by telephoning 119 (free from mobiles and landlines) or online at . Tests may also be arranged through some local pharmacies and Boots stores.

B A Critchley (Acting Chairman, Wincanton Choral Society)